Baby poop can treat illnesses including diabetes and cancer, scientists say

WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Babies. They eat, sleep, cry, and, yes, poop!

A new and shocking study is claiming that the yucky stuff in the diaper that no one wants to deal with, actually has some medicinal benefits.

Oh, crap!

Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina say baby feces has just the right stuff to treat some very common ailments and diseases.

Researchers collected nearly three dozen infant waste samples to create a probiotic cocktail. They claim the cocktail is useful in boosting the production of fatty acids which our bodies need to stay in good health.

The less than delightful mixture is especially beneficial to people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, cancer and immune disorders because their bodies tend to produce fewer fatty acids.

The scientists say the key ingredient found in a toddler's stool is healthy "gut bacteria." The idea is that infants are usually healthier than grownups and do not suffer from illnesses that come with age.

So, the next time you frown when a baby goes number two, just remember what that poop can do.