Necking Game: School warns against newest challenge

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NORTH TEXAS-- You've probably heard about the Keke, Tide Pod, and Fire challenges. They are all very dangerous, but continue to gain popularity among tweens and teens. Not many, however, have been lucky enough to escape these daring stunts unscathed.

One 12-year-old girl in Detroit will spend the next few months in the hospital after suffering second and third-degree burns to half of her body, due to the Fire Challenge.

"Just laying there in pain, the tears in her eyes," her mother, Brandi Owens, told reporters.

The newest challenge to hit social media is the Necking Game. It involves two people slapping each other at the base of the neck. Some kids call the act 'neckback slap'. Another version involves slapping an unsuspecting person.

One California school, however, is warning students that this so-called game is anything but.

Forkner Elementary in Fresno says it advised fourth and fifth graders this week against participating in the challenge after one fifth grader reported feeling pain in his head when he was slapped. The principal even warned parents that children caught playing the game will face consequences.

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