Dallas County confirms first case of rabid animals this year after dead bats found in Lakewood

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DALLAS -- Have you spotted a bat, lately? They are the night-time creatures that nightmares are made of, at least for some folks.

Dallas Animal Services is warning residents in the Lakewood section of Northeast Dallas to be careful after two dead bats were  recently found in the neighborhood tested positive for rabies.

City officials say they are the first confirmed cases of the disease in Dallas so far this year. They're reminding us all not to touch wild animals. It goes without saying that young children playing outdoors should be supervised.

Just months ago in Florida this 6-year-old boy died after he contracted rabies from an injured bat he was trying to rescue.

This blood-curdling video of a colony of bats clinging to an office building in downtown Houston went viral last month.

"We've seen them before because they come back," Dave Rojas who captured the video told NewsFix in Houston. "I think they come by this time of the year."

Signs of rabies in mammals include lethargy, fever, vomiting, anorexia, paralysis, seizures, aggressive behavior and foaming at the mouth. Affected animals may also exhibit abnormal behavior, such as being unafraid of humans or appearing during the day when they are normally nocturnal.

If you have reason to believe you or your pets may have come into contact with a rabies-infected animal, seek medical attention immediately and call Dallas Animal Services at 214-670-8313.

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