Fort Worth parking meter prices to fluctuate based on demand

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FORT WORTH- If you've been to the West Seventh District in Fort Worth, you probably know that parking can be.... well, difficult.

Now, the city's trying to change that.

"Our objective is to try to always get one or two spaces per block face to be open all the time," Peter Elliott the Chief Operations Manager of Parking.

These smart meters have been popping up around the area, and will go into full function on August 30th.

The goal? To make sure that you aren't taking up more time, or space that you need, allowing as many people as possible to enjoy the area.

That means the prices may change from time to time.

"They will change the price slowly, maybe once a month and try to match that demand with the actual supply," Elliott said.

Alright, so lets talk money...

"The ceiling for the price is going to be $4.50 per hour, but right now we're starting at $2.50," Elliott said.

You've got to pay to play!

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