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Company gives employees a week of ‘Fur-turnity’ leave when they adopt a new pet

You've heard of maternity and paternity leave, but what about "fur-turnity" leave?

Nine Hale, a Minneapolis digital marketing firm, is part of the newest perk being offered to employees, fur-turnity leave!

It let's employees with new pets work from home for a week.

The goal is to celebrate the diverse work force the company has and support work-life balance.

"This year we were approached by an employee who was preparing to adopt a pet and he came forward and asked his manager and said 'hey can I have some additional flexibility in bringing home a puppy?'" EVP of Client Services Allison McMenimen said. "And of course there's the on-boarding and training that's really important and we thought well of course you can - this is a hardworking, smart employee and we'd love to reciprocate by giving you some flexibility as you change at home with your new pet. And that prompted us to think 'wow we should make this a policy.' And so 'fur-ternity leave' is actually a one week work from home flexibility for employees, if they bring home a four legged pet that primarily lives outside of a cage. They can work from home an entire week."

The policy doesn't apply to pets in cages or tanks.

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