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Gov. Greg Abbott wants to pay Texas teachers a six-figure salary

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DALLAS -- They say those who can't do, teach.

But, that might not be such a bad thing, especially when you consider what Governor Greg Abbott, who made his way to the Big D to talk school and resources, is trying to do.

He wants to put more money into schools by putting a little extra green in the teacher's pockets!

"A better system, I suggest, is one that will reward the very best teachers who achieve very good results that will move the needle the most in providing the quality of education that we want in the state of Texas," Gov. Abbott said.

Abbott is on a mission to get educators a raise as a reward, but we're not just talking a few nickels and cents. Abbott wants teachers who deserve it to take home a six-figure salary!

According to, a teacher's base salary in Dallas is $55,544.

The governor still has to take the plan to the Texas Legislature, but the administrators believe Abbott will pull through, and if he does, some teachers will be well on their way to earn double what they're making now.

"I think he's really serious," Dallas ISD Superintendent, Michael Hinojosa, said. "He wouldn't be spending this much time if it was a hollow promise."

Josue Tamarez, a 4th grade math teacher for DISD said, "When they show tangible results then teachers should be incentivized for their work."

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