9-month-old allegedly attacked by 2-year-old at daycare

NASHVILLE, AR – An Arkansas daycare is being investigated by the state and police because of an incident that left a 9-month-old injured in their care.

LaToya Griffen dropped off her son, Decorian, at the daycare before going to work last Friday, only to return finding her son covered in bite marks and scratches.

According to KLSA News, a 2-year-old had climbed into Decorian’s playpen while he was sleeping and attacked him. He was allegedly bitten more than 30 times and had multiple scratches on his body.

Griffen said a daycare staffer said her child “didn’t cry and he didn’t make any noises” while the incident was occurring.

Decorian was treated at a hospital and later released.

Nashville police are investigating if that was exactly what happened to the child.