Your big balloon release could be killing wildlife

DALLAS – Between tossing out plastic straws, and learning that ducks actually don’t like being fed chunks of bread, 2018 has been the year of environmental realization.

Now, you can add balloons to hazard list.

“We’ve only got one planet, don’t we,” one woman said. “We can’t just use it as if it were something disposable. We have to think about the fact that Helium is a limited resource…and also, the debris that comes down when the balloons eventually deflate can also do a lot of harm.”

We’ve all seen the huge balloon releases to mark special events, but what goes up must come down… and a lot of times, that’s at the expense of wildlife.

Balloons can take years to decompose, and animals like birds and turtles can mistake them for food, or become entangled in their ribbons.

The next time you’re planning another balloon release, maybe you should reconsider.