Wildfires continue to burn in California

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VACAVILLE, CA -- Wildfires in California continue to burn without any signs of stopping, and now residents from the Mendocino Complex are under a mandatory evacuation of their homes.

The fire has consumed more than 335,000 and destroyed roughly 157 homes.

"We have firefighters who have been fighting these fires around the clock," said Senator Kamala Harris, (D) California. "Many throughout the state have lost their own homes when they fight these fires, and they are making difficult decisions with limited resources to do the work of keeping the community safe."

The fire is just not causing people to lose their homes, but lives. One Utah fire fighter 42-year-old Matt Burchett lost his life in the fire when a tree fell on him. Two others have also been injured.

Further South in Vacaville. Pets from the SPCA were hit hard, cats and dogs had to rescued by police and volunteers as the flames got dangerously close. Thankfully all 60 animals are safe and in foster homes.

This is now considered to be the the largest wildfire in California's history with more than 3,400 hundred working to put out the fire including our very own hometown heroes the Southlake Fire Department.

Officials expect to have full containment of the Mendocino complex fires by September 1st.

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