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Resident shoots man who was stabbing 16-month old son at Lewisville apartments

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LEWISVILLE -- "I've never in my entire career seen anything this brutal, thoughtless, just horrific crime," Cpt. Jesse Hunter from the Lewisville Police Department said.

That's how police are describing a scene that happened of 16-month-old, Ashton Ness, who was beaten and stabbed in the courtyard at the Oak Forest apartment complex in Lewisville on Sunday.

Investigators say the person who assaulted him was his very own father.

According to police, witnesses saw and heard the unthinkable acts the father was committing on his baby boy. Some even said he was yelling religious phrases.

"He was screaming various things, nothing which made much sense and certainly not that was rational," Cpt. Mike Lane from the Lewisville Police Department said.

That's when one resident pulled out a gun and shot the father in the leg from a second story balcony to stop him, but it was already too late for baby Ashton.

"He was whisked away by the officers and taken to waiting paramedics and the paramedics took him to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, a short time later, the baby passed away as a result of the injuries," Cpt. Hunter said.

The mother was at work when everything went down. The father is charged with capital murder and is undergoing surgery to remove the bullet from his leg.

The crime is so odd it's getting national attention from sites like the New York Post.

Now, police are on the road to figure out why a father attacked his own son.

"We are very very confused as to why anybody would assault a 16-month-old baby," Cpt. Hunter finished.

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