Fort Worth elementary schools film remake of Cardi B’s ‘I like it’ hit song

FORT WORTH-- There's a new twist on Cardi B's hit rap song "I like it."

A handful of elementary schools in Fort Worth came together to show off their rapping and dancing skills ahead of next week's return to class.

The spin off entitled 'School Everywhere, 3' is the latest production by fifth grade math teacher, Thomas Mayfield.

The students rap about their love for school alongside their teachers and administrators who showed they could be hip too.

"Really excited just to have something to show or students, and students within the district so they can be excited about being back at school," said Valencia Rhines who also participated in the video.

Rhines is the principal of Leadership Academy at Como.

The catchy song also boasts the schools` academic achievements after the state released school rankings this week.

Two of the schools, Leadership Academy at Maude Logan andΒ  John T. White, have even more reasons to celebrate because they no longer face closures.