Guidry The Hound’s helping you find dog-friendly spots around DFW

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DALLAS -- We've all heard of the term "celebrity," but what abouta "pet-lebrity?!" Well if you haven't, now you have, and there's one right here in North Texas.

Meet Guidry, the four-year-old redbone coonhound who is racking in a quite the following. Guidry the Hound can be seen stylin' and profilin' on his Instagram.

But, don't let his regalness fool you. Guidry is also a dog with a cause.

As the face of the Dog Friendly Alliance, this hound's main objective is to showcase the multiple locations through out the DFW area that are dog friendly.

The DFA was created by his owner, Todd Boyce. He says the main target for these dog friendly areas is to allow pet owners a place to mingle and socialize.

"We've got hundreds of places to add to the website already and hundreds of places for to go. I mean our list somewhere around 700 locations."

Guidry is Boyce's emotional support dog and 20 percent of the DFA's revenues are spent on training emotional support and service dogs.

Dogs like Guidry can sense when their owner is getting anxious or about panic and they're able to provide comfort through those moments

"I think there's a need, we believe that there's a need for something like this, not just here in Dallas - Fort Worth, but all across the nation."

He says in the future he wants to work with more local businesses and is looking forward to how far the DFA can go.

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