Public safety officials aren’t fans of the potential 2019 budget

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DALLAS -- When it comes to public safety in the city of Dallas, the city seems to be putting it's money where it's mouth is.

Dallas City Council met on Tuesday to talk about a proposed $1.35 billion budget for next year, which includes millions more for the police department, including an increase in starting salary.

This battle has been going on for years now, but really got taken up notch in the aftermath of the July 7th police ambush to make sure the DPD is properly staffed and prepared.

On Tuesday, the proposal discussed puts about 60 percent of the city's general funds, that's roughly $800 million directly towards public safety.

Not only does that include a potential pay raise for police and firefighters, it'll also give the citizens something else they want: a property tax decrease. Sounds like a win, win, right? Not so fast.

Some in the police and fire community still aren't happy.

"We're not real pleased with the fact that there isn't straight out across the board raise for public safety workers being the police and fire. I know some of the council were very much in favor of it. The mayor came out opposing it which is very unfortunate," saidĀ Michael Mata, president of the Dallas Police Association. "I think city leaders here, being the mayor, doesn't see the importance of public safety, it's not a necessity to him. He doesn't understand that big business will not come to a city that they don't feel safe."

They also say the property tax decrease means the city won't be adding any cops or firefighters to the front lines, something many think is desperately needed.

Yes, it seems like the battle lines have been drawn.

City council will vote on the final budget next month, and you can bet not everyone will be happy when it's all said and done.

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