John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted speaks in Dallas for child abuse conference

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DALLAS -  As students head back to class, many may have worries of abuse that weigh much heavier than homework. Experts at the Crimes Against Children Conference are looking to make sure that doesn't happen.

"We are the most violent first-world-country," said John Walsh, a victim's rights advocate and the host of America's Most Wanted. "We're the leader in sex trafficking of children, the biggest offender of that."

Walsh is the keynote speaker at the conference, and he knows personally how quickly someone can prey on a child.

"It took me 27 years to get my son's files open, to get justice for Adam. To find out who killed Adam," Walsh said, referring to his son, who was murdered in 1981. "I say justice delayed, is not justice denied."

That's why Walsh and other investigators from around the world are in Dallas this week looking more closely at the signs of exploitation and abuse to help prevent other kids from being victimized.

"You'd be surprised how many kids would come forward once you explain to them that 'It's okay,'" Walsh said. "That someone will believe them, and someone will be prosecuted, and the abuse will stop...then you have more kids coming forward."

Dallas Children's Advocacy Center is working with law enforcement officials to learn the best ways to keep our kids safe, but Walsh says the responsibility is still on teacher's, counselors, and parent's to look for the signs...and listen.

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