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Baltimore cop resigns after issuing bloody beat-down caught on camera

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BALTIMORE, MD -- A police officer has resigned hours a day after a bloody beat-down was caught on camera.

This disturbing altercation between a young man and a Baltimore cop hit the web over the weekend and has gone viral.

The two men are seen exchanging some words, and a brief tussle ensues. The cop then fires punch after punch at the man's upper body, and continues to pummel away at his head even as he falls to the ground. The victim has since been identified as Dashawn Mcgrier, 26.

"It happened so fast, but, you know, it was clear, Stevie Wonder can see that this police was definitely being over-aggressive," Resident Terry Williams told reporters.

In an effort to try and calm the growing outrage, Baltimore Police issued the following tweet Sunday night:

What played out in Baltimore has become a familiar scene for many inner city residents.

This past May, Fort Worth police made national headlines when a strikingly similar video to the one recorded in Baltimore made the rounds on social media.

Two officers are recorded pinning down Forrest Curry, 35, as one of them repeatedly strikes him. That didn't stop Curry from being charged with public intoxication, and resisting and evading arrest.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald says his department continues to investigate the incident. The officers involved have not, to date, faced any disciplinary action.

Curry's attorney Michael Campbell says he is still seeking answers and maintains that his client had suffered a seizure before the cops arrived and didn't even realize what was going on.

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