Pinky’s Valet: All female valet service taking over DFW

DALLAS-- Who runs the world? At Pinky's Valet, the girls do! Pinky's is the valet service in DFW that's fully owned and predominantly operated by females!

"I started the company almost 10 years ago this month. I used to work in the industry and saw a niche and an opportunity to create an environment that was previously male-dominated. So our niche was to give women an opportunity to be a part of an industry where I feel like they can bring something different to the community," CEO Chelsie Paine said.

The staff at Pinky's is very diverse, from teachers to lawyers and everything in between, and customer service is their main priority.

"Pinky's really steps outside the box to go above and beyond. We are very on top; even the simplest details; opening the door for someone, helping someone carry even a box inside. I feel like those things go a long way at the end of the day, to help an event go smoother, than one would typically expect," manager Topacio Maddox said.

You can catch Pinky's Valet at some of the finest event venues, including socialite private events around town.