What does your kid need more? A chemistry tutor… or gaming coach?

GRAPEVINE- It might be time to toss that chemistry tutor to the curb, and get your kid a coach who can actually help them make money doing something they're good at!

Yeah, people are really out here making bank to help you get numbers up on Fornite.

Out at QuakeCon, an annual gaming event right here in the DFW, it's not just about dominating on your favorite platform. This could be where you find your next career move.

"If you're interested in getting into the gaming field, events like this can get your foot in the door," said Scott Lusk who attended QuakeCon. "There's a lot of people in the industry that come to these events just so they can interact with the people that are playing their games."

A ton of people attending built and brought their own computers to game on. So there's clearly more to learn here than cheat codes.

The event's running until Sunday evening, and it's free to the public. Grab your computer and head out to the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine if you're game!