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New Harvard study says tighty-whities affect sperm count

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DALLAS -- Boxers or briefs?

The long-held debate  has always come down to preference, until now.

Researchers at Harvard's School of Public Health say they have cold, hard facts to settle the score, once and for all.

They say the findings of a 17-year-study, published this week, confirm beliefs that men who wear tighty-whities tend to be less fertile than their freedom friends.

Reproductive Medicine Specialist Dr. Daniel Skora says the study is right on the money, and that he's been doing his part to save Dallas' sperm count, one patient at a time.

"I told patients who had minor changes in their sperm count that they could try to wear boxers instead of briefs," Skora told NnewsFix.

It's important to note, however, that it's not just your underwear that could be your enemy "under there."

"We always counsel our patients not to have prolonged exposure to hot tubs and things like that, because primarily, its temperature that we believe changes the sperm count," Skora added.

When the temperature "down there" increases, doctors say sperm count decreases.

Maroon 5's sizzling hot front man, Adam Levine, further stirred up the debate earlier this year with his latest music video for the song "Wait." The video begins with the singer in a black boxer-brief,  leading fans to believe he is neither a fan of boxers nor briefs.

Many are wondering where do boxer-briefs fit into the debate.

Perhaps we will have to wait for the next set of research papers from someone with a lot of time on his or her hands.

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