Hey Siri, are you spying on me?

CUPERTINO, CA -- Hey Siri, are you spying on me?

That's a question a lot of folks have regarding their iPhone, and now, Apple has issued a 19 page statement to congress saying "Hey we aren't spying at ya" without your consent.

According to Apple, the device only listens to you when you say the words "Hey Siri." and there's a visual indicator to let you know the phone's listening. Other concerns people had with the iPhone are-location sharing. In their statement Apple said when the location service is off, it will not share locations with anyone unless it's an emergency.

But how can you be sure our pal Siri isn't eavesdropping? It's simple, just go to settings, hit general followed by accessibility, scroll down press home button, and then turn "off" for Siri and voice control.