American Red Cross offering gift cards to blood donors during blood shortage

ADDISON - With just one blood bag, you're likely to save three lives.

The American Red Cross says they're currently in an emergency blood shortage, and they're asking you to roll up a sleeve and help out.

"Right now, with fewer donations coming in, and more donations going out, we have less than a five day supply on hand," said spokesperson Jenny Hansen.

If basically being a superhero isn't enough to make you want to give, right now, the Red Cross is also offering an Amazon gift card to anyone who makes a blood donation.

"If you donate blood, not only are you saving a life, but you get a $5 Amazon gift card so it's a great way to do something good," Hansen said.

And you get a snack afterward!

If you want to find a blood drive near you, you can scope out locations on the Red Cross website or app.

That Amazon gift card offer lasts until August 30th, but this team says you should give as soon as possible, because this is a need that doesn't go away.

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