Mickey Mouse and Disney friends putting kids to bed with new sleep hotline

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- As most schools reopen next week, there`s one thing some of you will admit you`re not looking forward to - fighting with the kids to go to bed.

If that's a familiar combat scene in your house, Mickey Mouse is offering to step inside the ring and fight the battle for you.

That's right, Disney hopes that with its new sleep hotline, your stubborn and unrelenting kids will yield to their favorite Disney characters, and go to bed when they tell them to.

All you have do is dial 8-7-7-7-MICKEY. That's 877-764-2539.

It's not just Mickey who is up for the job. Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, and Goofy, are also waiting to tuck in your toddler.

That 's really cute, but let's face it, insomnia in kids is a real problem and it needs real measures to effectively combat it.

In fact, a poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that at least two out of every three children under 10 have experienced some type of sleep problem.

Doctors say establishing a regular bedtime routine is key.

For extreme cases of sleep disorder, don't be a goofball and rely on Goofy. You should see a doctor.