Bored? Broke? 👉 Savvy Saver

Florida woman turned in to cops by cow herds!

SANFORD, FL --  We've "herd" it all before when it comes to fugitives trying to flee from police, but have you seen someone chased down by cows and that leading to their arrest?

Well, cops in Florida say Jennifer Kaufman was in a stolen vehicle and crashed near a pasture during a chase. That's when Kaufman decided to run. A video shows how she was chased by around 16 cattle who seemed to be telling to mooooovee out of their way.

"Actually, a large group of cows is following her for a good visual. It looks like they may attack her," the helicopter team is heard saying.

The herd chased Kaufman right to a fence where officials were able to make an arrest. Neither police nor the cows were amoosed by Kaufman actions. She was charged with possession of cocaine, trespassing, resisting arrest, petty theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. Clearly an udder failure on her part.

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