Hundreds of rental bikes dumped at Dallas recycling facility

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DEEP ELLUM-- "Check out the bike share program now. What a waste!"

That was what one Dallas resident wrote on Facebook after sharing a picture of hundreds of rental bikes piled on top of each other at a Dallas recycling facility, signaling the city`s failing bike share program.

After seeing the shocking waste, Mayor Mike Rawlings responded by tweeting a single word, "Terrible."

Ofo, the Beijing-based company which operated the yellow bikes, says bikes that were operable were donated to local charities.

Just last month, the company announced it was riding out of town to explore more suitable markets.

It`s not just Ofo, however, that`s not getting any love in the Big D.

Other dockless bike share companies, including Lime, have seen their bikes recklessly scattered all over the streets.

The city was forced earlier this year to issue a letter demanding that companies clean up the mess. The companies, however, say customer misuse is part of the problem.

Over on the East Coast, the same drama is playing out on the streets of the Big Apple.

"It does seem weird to like, just be left randomly on the side of street or in the middle of a block someplace," Lyle Kenny told New York's CW-affiliated station WPIX.

Weeks into it`s own dockless bike share program, some New York City residents say the rides are already an eye sore.

Back in Dallas, many are still wondering if our bike share program will continue full speed ahead or get parked in a garage somewhere.

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