Investigations ongoing in Irving garage collapse as car owners seek answers

IRVING-- More than 24 hours after sections of the second and third floors of a parking garage in Irving, TX collapsed, there is still no word on what caused it to come tumbling down.

Dozens of vehicles remain at the scene, including some that were crushed under the weight of falling concrete, leaving a huge pile of debris.

While some affected drivers are eager to go and check out their rides, Rob Carey says he isn't playing that kind of game.

"Before the second collapse, I might have been semi-inclined to go in there, but after that second collapse, there's nothing in there that's worth me dying for," Carey told NewsFix.

All of the stranded drivers, however, want to know whether or not they will be compensated for their lost cars and who would foot the bill.

"I'm kind of in limbo right now, I'm just waiting to see what happens between, if the company, management company, whoever, before I have to go to my insurance company," Carey said.

J. Taylor, assistant chief of the Irving Fire Department, confirmed to Newsfix that all investigations are in the hands of the property management company Lincoln Property.

Taylor added that the garage was constructed some 40 years ago and passed all structural requirements at the time. No one was injured or killed, so federal workplace safety officials are not involved in the case either.

"If your car has been crushed by tons and tons of concrete, there's not a whole lot that you can do about it," an optimistic Carey said.

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