California-based company bans Visa credit cards in Kroger

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COMPTON, CA -- Credit cards! Two word that either strike fear or a sigh of relief in the minds of Americans!

Either way, if you own a Visa card, and plan on going to California anytime soon, you many want to avoid making any purchases at any Foods Co. you see.

Foods Co., which is a unit of Kroger based in California, says it plans to place a ban on Visa credit cards starting August 14th (not to be confused with Visa debit cards!).

The ban would affect about 21 of the stores and five gas stations just in the state of California for now, but it will possibly be expanded to other locations later.

According to Foods Co., Visa has some of the highest fees and rates, which are sometimes called "swipe fees," among credit cards.

Since the company believes this change will save them money, customers can soon look forward to lower prices.

And speaking of things being taken away, Kroger, Trader Joes, and Walgreens have recalled certain salads and wraps due to a parasite concern.

Apparently there may be traces of cyclospora in some beef, pork, and poultry salads and wraps. This type of bug is known to cause intestinal illnesses and has symptoms that take a while to develop.

So steer clear of those salads. Besides, who wants a wrap when you could have a nice, juicy piece of cake!

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