Firefighters Continue to Battle California Wildfires as Death Toll Climbs

REDDING, CA -- The deadly Carr and Ferguson wildfires raging on the West Coast are proving to be quite a challenge for firefighters.

"It looked like an atomic bomb went off," Josh Lister, whose home was engulfed in flames, said. "After the fact, we got a few pictures from friends, thought it was a firestorm."

The destructive fires across Northern California are fast-moving and wide-spreading.

"I saw to the right of me that vortex and that fire moving, and I told my daughter, I said get home now, let's leave," a frightened Dan Hoff said after being forced to flee his home.

Among the fires is one so vast it can actually be seen from space, as captured by NASA.

At least eight people have died, including an elderly woman and her two great grandchildren. Two firefighters were also killed.

In just days, the death toll has climbed to eight, and is expected to rise.

"This is the normal, that unpredictability, the large explosive gross fires," Firefighter Jonathan Cox said.

Nearly a thousand structures have been destroyed, and that number is also expected to increase as the out-of-control blazes continue on a destructive path.