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City of Dallas looks at long-term plan to fight homelessness

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DALLAS - Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise in Dallas, and city leaders are hoping to face the problem head first with a 4-point homeless solutions strategy.

"It would open up doors for a permanent solution," said Laterras Whitfield, the creator of a homeless outreach movement called HomeBless Life. "It's a step in the right direction and I have to be in full support of anybody willing to take a step."

So what's the plan?

Major points include increasing the capacity of current shelters, using bond money to rehouse disabled people and families with children, and creating temporary homeless centers around the city where people could stay for up to 90 days.

"We're moving into the right direction, getting them out the environment when it's cold or getting them out the environment when it's extremely hot, then it's giving them some relief," Whitfield said.

There will be a public outreach meeting Wednesday night at Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center in Dallas to hear your opinions on the plan before city council makes a final decision.

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