TSA launches ‘Quiet Skies’ program to track unsuspecting passengers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Have you ever felt like you were being spied on but had no idea why? Well it could happen the next time you hop on a plane.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, is rolling out a new program they're calling "Quiet Skies."

The program requires them to track American citizens, even if they aren't suspected of any crimes and are not under investigation or on any terrorist watch list.

The reason? TSA says this is to hopefully a way avoid any potential aviation threats. The agency says they aren't targeting ordinary Americans and information from the intelligence community helps them decide who to follow.

They've compared it to placing police officers in areas that need extra surveillance.

The program sounds proactive, but some air marshals worry they'll have to neglect their job of protecting the cockpit and spend time watching people who "look suspicious."

TSA isn't saying much about what would cause a person to be watched, but as of now, all Americans entering the U.S. are automatically considered.

So keep you're eyes peeled and most importantly, act natural!