Majic Mic 🎤: The hottest songs for this Texas summer heat

This Texas heat is not a joke! It honestly feels like my skin on fire some days.

Triple digit temperatures always make me feel like this ...

I realized there are several theme songs for this summer heat. Songs with the word 'hot' right there in the title.

Not sure how much fun you can have in the heat but hey Some Like It Hot.

Prince's Hot Thing is not about 'heat' hot but sexy hot!

Baby girl Aaliyah's Hot Like Fire which was written by Missy Elliot

Snoop and Pharrell have teamed up a few times and in 2004, they dropped it like it`s hot with this one:

Now this one wasn't that popular but it`s one of my favorites.

There are plenty more but it`s just too hot right now to continue to think!