Simon Says: I have a lie that’s so good, it might be true!

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What if I told you I had proof Dwayne Johnson and I were brothers?

You’d probably say, “No way!”

Now imagine if I said he was my real “bro,”  to anyone who would listen.

It would be the same message in endless tweets, posts, and pictures. I would also throw in a headline in a place like InfoWars, so eventually, some of you would be convinced Dwayne Johnson really could be my brother from another mother.

Because… if you repeat a lie long enough, people will think it’s true.

I didn’t make this up. This kind of thing has been in the psychology world since 1977.

Experts call it the “Illusion of Truth” effect.

And before the 70’s, some people even attributed the “repeat a lie” thing to Hitler’s head of propaganda.

You don’t have to be a Nazi to see how contaminated life can get when we turn lies into truth.

How many of you know someone who lives with their own illusion of truth?  

You know, the guy who wears a Rolex and has a nice car, but is mortgaged out of his mind and doesn’t have a pot to you know what in.

How about the guy who always says he never cheats on his wife.

Yeah, They actually believe they don’t cheat, but they’re just cheating themselves.

And then there’s the guy who may be on a guilt trip, but stops at every lying rest-stop along the way.

It feels like President Trump can’t start his day without putting the words “witch hunt” in a tweet.

If you tweet something enough does it become true?

Who knows?  We may all find out soon.

But we all need to be better at cutting through the B.S. we're served each day and start thinking for ourselves in all parts of our lives.

We’re screwed if we don’t, which will really put us between a rock and a hard place.

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