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Professional dancers volunteer to teach homeless children to ballroom dance

DALLAS - If there's one thing we've learned at Vogel Alcove, it's that it only takes one volunteer to make a difference.

It's even better if that volunteer has one friend who's the head judge on dancing with the stars in Europe (Gocha Chertkoev) and another who's a world famous competitive dancer (Shorena Gachechiladeze).

Vogel Alcove is a non-profit support center that looks after children from homeless families during the day, and for the past month, these experts have been volunteering their time to create the next generation of salsa superstars.

"I think they did brilliant," Shorena said.  "I was so pleased and impressed how motivated they were."

These tiny dancers got to strut their stuff in front of family and friends, showing that sometimes, it just takes a little two-step to make you smile.

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