North Texans shocked and sad over Demi Lovato’s apparent drug overdose

DALLAS -- It`s shock and sadness from fans and friends of singer and songwriter Demi Lovato.

She`s recovering after being hospitalized for an apparent drug overdose.

As a childhood actress growing up in North Texas, Lovato took drama classes from Dallas teacher, Linda Leonard.

"She was a really amazing, young energetic, talented little girl," Leonard said.

She says what many others who know Lovato are also saying.

"She has worked through a lot of adversity in her life, and she always come out on top, and I am sure she will do that now."

"I hope Demi is okay, and I hope she crawls out of it like she has before," says Meghan Trainor.

Lovato has not been shy about her long time struggles with addiction.

"I had the decision whether I could come out and talk about it, or I could sweep it under the rug," says Lovato during a 2017 interview. "There is a bigger purpose for me in life than to just use my life in singing, I wanted to use it for more. So, I decided to be open about my struggles, and ever since then it has held me accountable."

Her Youtube documentary inspired people across the world.

"Drug addiction and alcoholism does not discriminate," says Dallas Addiction Expert, Michael Molthan. "It does not care who you are, it doesn`t care about your race, your economic status, if you`re a celebrity, a non celebrity."

Last month, Lovato released a song, "Sober," where she revealed she has relapsed. She then thanked everyone who is supporting her through her journey.

"I heard great news that she is getting better, my prayers are with you," says DJ Khaled.


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