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Free the nip! Public breast-feeding now legal in all 50 states

Free the nip!!

Oh... get your mind out the gutter, guys!

We're talking to all the breastfeeding moms out there. As of Thursday, mothers can legally whip out their boob for the sake of feeding their hungry baby in all 50 states!

Idaho is the last to join the controversial law that protects mama from public indecency charges and fines.

A handful of states are already milking the opportunity. Next year, New York will require breastfeeding rooms in all state buildings that are open to the public.

Just because it's now legal doesn't mean it'll nip those 'breast-feeding shamers' in the bud!

For example, A mom in Oregon was told to cover up at her doctor's office.

"It was humiliating honestly, I'm just trying to feed my baby, I'm not doing anything that should be hidden," she explained. "He could have gotten a nurse if he was uncomfortable, he could have simply excused himself and left the room."

Instead, she's claiming the doctor grabbed her diaper bag and held it up while she breast-fed her baby.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, a bunch of women have been protesting on behalf of two moms who were shamed for breastfeeding at a public pool.

"It`s hard enough to breastfeed in public because of the negative stigma that some people have," one of the moms explained.

Well, with the law now on their side, do you really wanna mess with a breast-feeding mom and her kid?!

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