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Lakewood Theater is moving closer to being open for business

DALLAS -- It looks like the east Dallas Lakewood Theater will be getting a rejuvenation treatment pretty soon.

The theater has been empty for about three years, but now a makeover is on its way!

"We've finally gotten to the point where the owners are interested in putting the building back. They've gone through a lot of expenses so far and this is kind of a combination of that," said Norman Alston, the architect behind the renovation.

Alston says even the neon signs are making a comeback.

"I've actually learned a great deal about neon since we've started this process. I've come to find out that it is still a very viable, attractive decorative lighting system."

And an alcohol consumption permit posted in the window has people excited to see who's renting space and what they're bringing. The potential tenant is named Bowlski's Lakewood.

Bowlski's has a location in Colorado and is known for bowling alleys, arcades, cocktails, and karaoke, so locals are hoping they bring something similar to the theater.

"It's possible, you know it's a big open space lots of things can happen in there. One these days soon the tenant will want to talk about that and we'll let him explain his idea," said Alston.

Guess we'll just have to wait to see what's coming, but you gotta admit, you can't help but to be anxious!

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