Realtor uses T-Rex to attract buyers to Granbury lake house

GRANBURY, TX -- Welcome to Jurassic Lake!

A real estate agent thought outside of the park to bring a little prehistoric creativity to a home on the market!

A two bed, one bath lake house, listed in Granbury for around $90,000, comes fully furnished with a view of the lake, a fireplace, and a dino in the shower!

Have no fear, Mr. T isn't there to stay, even though he does look like he's making himself at home.

The video gained attention on Facebook after Realtor Casey Lewis showcased the dino doing some household duties.

Casey told NewsFix he "had the idea a couple years ago but have been waiting for the right client and the right property to try it with."

He also said using the T-rex was a great way showcase the house "without just falling in line with the rest of the other lake listings."

You might want to scoop it up soon though because according to, a sale is already pending.

We just have one question: does the suit come with the house?