Meet Luna, the rare white lion cub growing up in Tyler

TYLER -- Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary in Tyler isn't exactly a lion's den. But, for now, it is the home of a 7-week-old white lion cub.

Her name is Luna and she weighs 12 pounds. She feeds from a bottle, for now, until she's moved into her own habitat once she's 6-months-old.

You don't see lions like Luna every day. They have a recessive gene that makes them this color.

There are less than 5,000 left in the world. There's an estimated dozen left in the wild, because of poachers and canned hunting facilities, where people pay to hunt this breed.

In the U.S., Virginia is one of the only other places where you can take in the unique sight of white lions. In fact, three cubs just went on exhibit at Metro Richmond Zoo last month.

The two females and one male were born in April, and spent two months in a private den with their mother.

The cubs are starting to eat meat, but are still nursing.

So, though they look cute and cuddly, you don't want to get to close or you'll really end up with your head in a lion's mouth.