Dallas family looking for answers after dog found dead with possible gunshot wound

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DALLAS -- We see lost dog posters nailed to telephone poles all the time and hope those owners will find their missing pet.

Sadly, that wasn't the case for one Dallas woman.

24-year-old Reagan lost her pooch, Nyla, when she flipped her truck trying to avoid a lane divider on I-635.

Reagan was pulled out of the wreckage safely, but her 3-year-old chihuahua/dachshund/pit bull mix disappeared.

"We had looked there many times. We had gone there several evenings, several days, and called out," Reagan's mom, Michelle Jones said.

Reagan took to social media to ask anyone and everyone to keep their eyes peeled for her missing pup, but those hopes came to an end when Reagan found out Nyla had died.

Jones explained, "We found her, not in the street as you would think, that was my first fear was that she had been run over, but in fact she was actually on the shoulder of the highway."

Now, Nyla's family has more questions, because to them, things just aren't adding up.

"It appeared that her jaw had been shattered and her skull had been crushed. She also had a suspicious wound on the side of her neck/jaw area that suspiciously looks like a gunshot wound," Jones continued. "I believe she met her demise and her death by the hands of some evil person."

Nyla's family won't stop looking for answers, but until then, may Nyla rest in peace in doggy heaven.

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