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Is the `middle` child becoming extinct? Blame millennials.

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They say polar bears and rhinos are on the verge of extinction, but what about humans?

Sorry to break the bad news, but a magazine called The Cut claims that the middle child in America is becoming extinct.

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It may seem a little (ahem) cutthroat but supposedly the millennials are to blame. The article sources a government report claiming that last year women in their teens, 20s, and 30s had the fewest babies in 30 years.

Just think about that. Three decades ago, Gen X families were easily having four or five kids like The Huxtables. Fast forward to today and the average millennial couple will have two kids tops.

So, again, where does that leave the middle child? Yep. Dust.

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Hey! maybe it's a good thing considering the middle child always had the label of being "overlooked" anyway.

So,  if you celebrate National Middle Child Day on August 12,  enjoy it while you can, because it may be taken off the calendar in the future.

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