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Dallas mall is a zoo! Stuffed lions, tigers, and Build A Bears OH MY!

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DALLAS -- It’s a zoo at malls around the country. No lions or tigers, but the build-a-bears… ohhhhhh my!

“I am going to get a bear,” says one little girl waiting in line.

It’s an international thing, you pay your age for a stuffed animal.

“There are 6 of us and 10 children," says one nanny while laughing.

People are waiting in lines a ridiculous amount of time.

“We started at the elevators, three hours ago,” says one mom who still has a while to wait.

Lines across the globe shut down because we all know what happens when crowds get out of control.

“We are in it for the long haul, we are going to get these bears,” says a nanny who has no intention of leaving the mall without the bears. “We have seen people leave, there have been three people behind us who just gave up and were like, we are done.”

“Meltdowns, my own son included who is taking a break with grandma," says one mom who just isn't sure if the wait was worth it. “I am not sure at this point, but my son thinks it’s worth it.”

A nanny we asked says it's worth it. “For me, all my children are two and under so it is.”

One mom promised her daughter if she was good, she’d get a build a bear today. “I think we will just pay the full price and come back tomorrow.” After she saw the line, it was a different story. “She just started potty training, so i don’t know if she needs to use the bathroom, what we are going to do, if we need to get out of the line, or what, so not worth it.” Sad day for that little girl. “She waited all morning, she was so good, we drove thirty minutes just to come here.”

Some people across the country got a voucher, because Build a Bear tried to turn a few frowns upside down.


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