Cute key chains could land you in jail!

AUSTIN, TX -- They're cute and they can land you in jail!

At first, these seem like harmless dog or cat key chains, but it turns out these bad boys can be deadly.

Texas Law classifies them as brass knuckles, and they are being bought by consumers, mostly women, for protection. They're sold online for less than $10 by stores like Walmart and Home Security Superstore, but having one on you violates the Texas Penal code. It's a class a misdemeanor and that means it can get you a year behind bars, a $4000 fine, or both!

But brass knuckles are not the only weapons banned in the state. Chemical dispensing and tire deflation devices are also a no go! Texas lawmakers are reportedly considering changing the law to allow the key chains.

But for now, remember just because its being sold online doesn't mean it's legal.