UNT creates new metal that’s tougher than steel

DENTON -- It isn't Wakanda, but the University of North Texas is one step closer to creating something that's a little tougher than your average steel.

Researchers from UNT in Denton have designed a new steel-like alloy that is said to be five times stronger than regular steel.

"These alloys are stronger and tougher so wherever we can use stronger and tougher materials like steels, we can actually use this material," Dr. Sarubh Nene from UNT said.

But the men of steel still have a few details to iron out, like the price.

Regular iron costs $65 per ton, whereas cobalt, one of the alloys used in this new metal, costs $78,500 per ton.

Dr. Nene added, "Lots of other tests have to be done before it is taken into application."

These guys don't have millions of dollars to spend like Iron Man! Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for the pros to perfect it before it can be used.