Self-made or fame-made? Social Media debates about Kylie Jenner’s success

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LOS ANGELES, CA-- Imagine being a billionaire at 21!

Well, that's what Forbes predicts will happen for reality TV-star turned entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner. The "Kylie Cosmetics" owner was featured on the cover of Forbes for being worth more than $900 million.

The brand launched two years ago with the $29 dollar lip kit and has sold more than $630 million worth of make up since.

This makes her youngest person on Forbes' List of America's Richest Self-Made Women. This also means she's even richer than her big sister Kim Kardashian West, who sits at a mere $350 million dollar net worth.

All of this raises the question:  is she really self made, considering her business was backed by millionaires? The family has been creating tons of money and buzz for years. Keeping up with the Kardashians has aired for 14 seasons already. A new season starts in August.

This has all lead lots of people to believe the term "self-made" may not be the most accurate term.

That's clear by taking a look at social media.  Author Franchesca Ramsey on Twitter said: "Being born into extreme wealth and instant fame is the exact opposite of 'self made.'"

It didn't stop with just people. Even got in on the conversation. While likely throwing shade, the account said "self made" means having succeeded in life unaided.

No matter if you think she's "self-made" or "fame-made," she's making history!

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