Ruff Life: Tito’s ready to turn up at your house!

DALLAS - Tito’s a little that’s been looking for a home for a long time before Dallas Pets Alive! found him.

"Tito’s a very special pup," said Amanda Peterson from Dallas Pets Alive! "He was at Dallas Animal Services at 15 years old. There are a lot of advantages to adopting a senior dog. Number one is, they’re most likely house trained, they’re usually a lot more relaxed and chill, and they don’t require as much training."

If that’s not enough, the American Heart Association says having a dog makes you more likely to get the recommended amount of daily physical activity. That’s right, Tito might can help you live your best life!

"He’s a compact cuddler, so he’ll join you right on the couch," Peterson said. "You turn on your favorite Netflix show, and Tito’s going to be right by your side."

Tito loves to throw on his sombrero for a party-maybe his next celebration could be at your place!

"If you’re looking for a chill, easy to care for, low maintenance pup, then Tito might be the one for you," Peterson said.