Dallas man gets fly opportunity to detail historic Air Force One

DALLAS -- A car wash on wheels stopped by our station.

Oh, sorry, 360 Dallas Auto Detail is not really a car wash.

“Anybody can open a car wash,” says Sam Hutson. He's a professional detailer. “It’s less common than you think.”

He basically went to college to take special care of all kinds of cars. “It’s fully mobile, so we don’t have a shop.”

Hutson says, “It’s a pretty in depth world that people don’t really know about.”

Inside that in depth world there’s a nationwide coveted spot that the Dallas man has been selected for.

He will be detailing at Seattle’s Museum of Flight later this month, for an upcoming show.

“The old Air Force One jets, the one that Kennedy and Regan flew on.”

The first presidential Air Force one jet will be Huton’s first airplane job, and second… third… fourth… alright, he’s doing 17!!!!

Hutson says, “From B-52 bombers all the way to there’s a blue angels jet in there. So it’s some pretty cool stuff that i am pretty excited about.”

It’s such a fly opportunity for Hutson.

“If you mess up a plane like the historic air force one jet, you know that’s a piece of history that you’re messing up. You really need to be at that next level, you can’t just grab any detailer off the street and say hey, I need this done. So it’s 65 guys who were personally selected who were selected for this job, so we are really pretty honored to be apart of this.”

A part of history he’s volunteering for, the detail job is pro bono.