Southwest Airlines will stop handing out peanuts to passengers

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DALLAS -- Well, you can all wave goodbye to the beloved peanuts you're used to getting when you fly with Southwest Airlines. The company says they are getting rid of them!

Southwest says they made the decision to help keep passengers from having allergic reactions in the air.

One guy on Twitter wrote, "the end of peanuts on Southwest makes me want to cry."

But the airlines decided to have a little fun with people on Twitter replying to messages saying, "peanuts decided to retire after faithfully serving our customers for 47 years. We will miss them too but we respect their decision."

However, for some people, this is a tough nut to crack!

"I could see why they would do that as to people that have food allergies to peanuts," customer, Marshall Fowler, said. "Do I agree with it? No, because I do like peanuts, but I could work with pretzels too."

That's right, the company isn't giving up all the goods. They'll continue to serve pretzels and even cookies on longer flights.

But still, some passengers just simply don't see what all the uproar is about.

"Am I going to miss them? Umm, probably not, it's just peanuts!" customer Vanessa Longino said.

Maybe we all just need to chill before this turns into a nutcase!

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