Trusted World relief group still offering aid to families hit by Hurricane Harvey

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GARLAND - When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, donations and volunteers poured into local charities.

Now, almost a year later, some relief efforts have dwindled, but the need is still there. One group is stepping up.

"We're keeping a pulse on what's going on down in the south Texas area," said Trusted World Founder and CEO Michael Garrett. "Mainly in the Port Arthur area since it's so far removed from Houston, it's not getting a whole lot of attention."

Trusted World spearheaded relief efforts in North Texas when Hurricane Harvey hit, and they haven't slowed down.

Initially, families near the coast needed help with everyday essentials, now, they need the tools to rebuild.

"We're constantly sending down resources," Garrett said. "Building supplies, appliances, food, clothing, and whatever else they may need. We could use some funding ourselves to help buy everything from sheet rock, insulation."

Hurricane Harvey has been reported as the largest rainfall event ever recorded in US history, it's no surprise that Texans in that area may still need a helping hand.

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