New threats arise in Thai soccer team rescue

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND- Rescue efforts to free the trapped soccer team from a Thai cave have reached a mounting sense of urgency. With oxygen levels in the cave dropping and increased chances that monsoon rains will soon flood the area, divers are looking to act fast.

Their options are also limited, either use a “dive buddy” system to help the boys dive out of the cave, or wait out the rains until October.

While things look desperate, efforts to drain the cave have been somewhat successful. By decreasing water levels in the cave, officials say the boys may not have to dive the entire way out.

But the reality of how dangerous conditions are gave way on Friday as a former Thai Navy Seal died while swimming through the cave's tight passageways.

“He was a great benefactor and a hero to all the entire Thai nation. He basically gave his all and his life to this rescue mission,” said a mother of one of the trapped boys.

For now, the kids have each written letters to their parents and are being sent food and water.

With rescue efforts underway, one thing is for sure, these young men will have to fight a little longer to be reunited with their families.