March For Our Lives and Dallas organization-fighting for tighter gun control

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DALLAS– March For Our Lives wasn’t just a movement created to bookend a tragedy. The student-led organization fighting for tighter gun control, is taking their message one step further.

They’re joining forces with for a cross-country tour called “A Road To Change.” On Saturday, they stopped in Dallas. Both organizations met at at Paul Quinn College to discuss common sense gun reform and student involvement in all levels of government.

“The reason we are here today isn’t to take anybody’s guns away, it isn’t to yell at anyone, it’s to listen. To listen to all communities, all shapes and sizes and understand as Americans we are diverse. And it that diversity comes a diversity of thoughts. Thoughts of different people all of which are unique and independent and all just valuables as the other ones.” said David Hogg, school shooting survivor.

But the support was also met with opposition as protesters gathered.

“To me I look at this as a democratic rally, that’s what I look at this. I don’t think that is the idea. It shouldn’t be politicize what so ever. If you want to come out and save lives and really have no agenda behind it , you should do that. Don’t come and promote Democratic politicians for that state.” said a protester.

“That’s why we don’t do that. We don’t endorse any politicians, we aren’t driven by any politicians. In fact, I think if Democrats and Republicans could have solved this they would have. The reason they haven’t been able to is because they can’t have this conversation” said Hogg.

While some disagree, one thing is for sure, after the ordeal these young students overcame, bringing awareness to gun control is the least we can do.

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