Arlington responds to Irving PD’s lip sync challenge with Spice Girls classic

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It’s the lip sync battle that’s making waves not only in Texas but around the world.

First-responders around Texas have been challenging each other to a sync off and it’s taken off thanks to social media.

It started in Bexar county. Now, it’s made its way to DFW. Most recently, Irving Police Department posted its production calling out several other agencies.

Arlington Police Department was on the  list.

“We thought we would answer the call and try to have a little bit of fun with it. We already know the old adage and we’re making fun of the old stereotype of cops and donuts. So, we thought we’d put a little spin on it,” Arlington Police Lieutenant Christoper Cook, said.

They’ve  gone all out, taking over a local Dunkin Donuts for the afternoon!

“We tried to put something together yesterday. We scripted it last night. There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that really the public doesn’t realize,” Cook said.

For the citizens who fear their safety with so many cops have fun on the job, don’t worry.

“All of these officers are off duty. So, it’s not affecting calls for services and in the media offices, this is our role; public relations,” Cook said.

With that, They accepted Irving’s challenge. If they don’t dominate the battle, there’s a much bigger goal for these officers.

“I really hope it shows the community that we really are human. We’re just like everyone else. We can be serious when we need to, but, at times we know when to have fun,” Officer Elizabeth Duong said.

Check out the finished product:

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