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Dallas-based company says alternative work spaces increases productivity

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DALLAS-- Traditional work spaces don't always work for everyone; especially not millennials.

So, it's no surprise that companies are catching on and switching things up. One agency that's leading the way is based in DFW.

Match, the company that helps you find love online, is also helping people find a new way to do business.

"We have over 350 here in Dallas and we're a global company. Really, the mission behind Match is to help people create and foster relationships across the globe," said human resource representative, Laura Sapp.

"We've got ping pong tables. We've got snacks galore, all the Le Croix you can drink, endless amounts of water and happy hours. We've got beer on tap and wine on tap," Sapp said.

"And really, the idea behind all these perks and benefits help our employees do that just right here in the office. We come together and we create a product that everyone can really get behind."

There's some science behind it too. A Deloitte study found that social capital has become just as important as human, financial and physical capital. That simply means people care about their interactions with people just as much as anything else.

Using that to it's advantage, Match seems to have it all figured out.

"We're the business that brought over a million babies into the world. If you can't get behind that, I don't know what you can get behind," Sapp said.

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